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        Voor zwangerschapsbegeleiding in Castricum en wijde omstreken

The Doula / a Private Pregnancy course / who am I

Doula Guidence

There are many reasons to have a doula by your side during birth. One of the main reasons is that a doula can help you gain confidence. Confidence in yourself, your pregnancy and birth. Trust in you as a person, but also in your body. You can do this, you can give birth, you can deal with those contractions, you can birth your child! 


A big part of my work lies in the guidance during pregnancy, giving information, trust and confidence. Through conversations and a lot of listening, I try to create a bond of trust with you and your partner and prepare you for the birth of your child. In the appointments you receive tips about relaxation and how your partner can support you. Together we also make a birthplan about your wishes and the possibilities with regard to childbirth, but also afterwards. A birth plan ensures that the care providers who are present at your birth also know what your wishes are. That knowledge often gives peace.


For some women child birth scares them. But if all went well during pregnancy counseling, you enter your childbirth with a healthy tension, but also with confidence. In best case scenario I am only at birth just in case. And is you might need me, I am just one step away there to support you. For example to encourage you, to participate in breathing, massage or I can be a helping hand giving counter pressing.

Private Pregnancy course

As an expecting couple you probably have many questions. You can ask them to your midwive or other careprovider. But most of them will be treated in a pregnancy course and often thats a nice way to be fully attended to your pregnancy and learn al lot about what you are en will be going through.

The Pregnancy course 'How about giving birth'

The course I am provinding is based on the knowledge I have gained from being a doula and being a mom. But also based on questions I got from pregnant women.

Topics in my course are:

- hormones, necessity and how do they work

- what is happening in your body during contractions

- how will you recognize what is going on

- types of pain relief

- breathing techniques

- relaxation & visualization techniques

- role of the partner

- positions during labor, we’re going to do them and I will tell how they affect birth and the position of the baby

Because needs can/will be different, I am always open to changes some topics and give the course also based on what you especially want to know.

Who am I, whats my mission

Through personal attention, help expecting parents to find out how to:

- Have a positive influence on the birth of your child

- Experience peace and relaxation during your pregnancy

- Be in confidence towards your upcoming birth

Who am I?

Hi, I am Joyce Borst-Klaver, born in 1980 and I am what they call a real West-Fries (a village girl from above Alkmaar). In the year 2000 I married Pierre and together we are blessed with 5 beautifull daughters. Being a mom is the best thing ever!

Being raised very grounded (normal is crazy enough), I learned along the way that there is more than meets the eye. And I learned to think outside the box sometime (maybe most of the times). Finding your own way in life is very important to me, in work, being a mom and most of all being yourself. But I experienced that's not always easy, especially when hormones are involved.

By experiencing what hormones can do to you, a passion was born. I wanted to help other pregnant women finding there own way in pregnancy, birth and becoming/being a mom. During my education to become a doula (after 4 kids, sorry Pierre) I found out the importance of the dad. He has a huge role , only al lot of the time expecting fathers don't know how to fullfill that role. So yes, in my role as doula and in the course there is attention to mom and also dad. Because if they can work together, that's a big step towards better bonding with your child and also bonding together as partners & parents.

I work independently, but as a doula during a birth I always work alongside an obstetrician or doctor. The role of a doula is considerably different from that of an obstetrician. Studies show that the continuous presence of a doula has a different positive effect than the continuous presence of an obstetrician as well as the presence of family or a good friend.

I do not perform medical procedures and do not provide medical advice. Everything I discuss with clients is aimed at the person, everything that is discussed is also confidential information and will be treated as such and will not be provided to third parties unless this has been agreed with the client.


Following the new law on privacy (the AVG) and the collection of personal data, I would like to draw your attention to the privacy statement of MamaJoy, which you will find at the bottom, at the right of the page, added to this website. The privacy statement of MamaJoy also applies to previously collected data. Due to your privacy, I do not work with a contact form on the website, because through a contact form your data also ends up with the website provider. Only I have access to the email you send.